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About Us

The Balance Consortium was formed in 2010. The Consortium represents the elements of school improvement that significantly enhance both the adoption of change and the delivery of learner outcomes. Solutions held within the Consortium are proven to make a significant difference to learning. By bringing these individual solutions into alignment we are able not only to dramatically enhance impact, but also reduce costs. So what is the essence of our message to education?

With the current reduction of government led school support across England & Wales, the Consortium brings into alignment for the very first time school Improvement, leadership diagnostic and development, teaching diagnostic & development, pupil learning power diagnostic and development, early years support, parenting support, and user friendly IT infrastructure for schools, teachers and learners.

We are incredibly proud and excited by what we have built, as everything is run through one portal for schools and families to access so it is easy to use and flexible. The solutions are designed to harness the incredible new understandings of learning and development, and help schools deliver learning environments and experiences which support all students.

The Consortium will continue to seek out new understanding of the human mind, development and ingenuity. We will strive to deliver our learning in useful solutions that are proven to make a difference to learners.

In a recent speech at the RSA Sir Ken Robinson encapsulated beautifully why this consortium exists, and what we are trying to help you and educators and parents achieve. We hope you enjoy the video as much as we did, and would like to thank the RSA for their permission to use it here.

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